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The New Twenty's: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

With an onslaught of releases ready to go, The New Twenty’s are starting their year as they mean to go on, by kicking things off with a brand-new single that sets the tone for the months to follow. ‘You Got Me Good’ will land on the 26th February.

The 3-piece indie-pop rockers have been developing their sound over the last year, dropping critically acclaimed tracks ‘Inside Out’ and ‘I Never’ in the process. Delving into the frustrations of life and the music industry, this is real-talk, infectious song-writing delivered with passion from start to finish, and ‘You Got Me Good’ is no exception.

The Strokes have always written bangers! I think they definitely subconsciously influenced us with ‘You Got Me Good’. I love the vocal effect and guitar tones on this track in particular along with the energy it has. Also as soon as the intro kicks in you know exactly what’s coming and the anticipation builds and builds waiting for the drop so you can sing along. Hopefully one day someone will write a piece like this on one of our tracks haha!


David Byrne and The Talking Heads have always been a driving force of inspiration in my life, from the wobbly bass lines to the big tom drums and percussion, the whirling synths and the unique song concepts and lyrical story telling and on top of that, the creative, energetic, jolty live performances. A recipe for musical madness!

This song seems to soothe my soul. I love the soft warm bass, simple tambourine and the beautiful noodling guitar melodies that are perfectly restrained. None of the instruments or Lou Reed’s vocal are competing for your attention, everything is sitting exactly where it needs to sit to keep you in that reflective mood. It is like he is in the room with you singing the coolest lullaby you’ve ever heard. Lou Reed was introduced to me by my Dad when I was really young, he used to write songs in his youth also influenced by Lou Reed, and I think I’ve tried to absorb his directness - he taught me there is poetry in the everyday words and phrases so you don’t have to get a thesaurus out to make your song concepts translate.

We just love this song, it’s short and snappy, super catchy and something about it is so satisfying. It’s got all the energy you could need, but not so much that it would make you question the song’s authenticity. We have definitely blasted this tune on long car journeys, and enjoyed a good sing-along to it. Tom Petty’s warm vocals just feel like an extension of his speaking voice and that really helps me focus on the song’s lyrics and message. He’s got the edgy vocal rasps where it needs it in the middle section and his ad libs at the end of the song are the perfect release to the passionate frustration you feel from him. I’m always more drawn to love song’s that have a healthy spoonful of cynicism and doubt to accompany the passion because it feels honest.

Head over to the bands Spotify where you can check out New Releases & Pre-Save any tracks:


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