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BabyStep was started by Josh Crowe in 2017 during his second year at University in Leeds. In a recent interview with The Gryphon he said “I wanted to start documenting what was going on in the city. The problem was I didn’t know how. I vividly remember listening to the song ‘BabyStep’ by Kornél Kovács and having a realisation that making a magazine was the way to do it.”

BabyStep started out as a magazine with its roots in electronic music and underground venues. It has since evolved from an online magazine to a community of local artists, writers, and musicians of all levels with collaboration at its heart. We now run the magazine from a full-time studio in the centre of Leeds. For us it's not about who heard it first, but rather about celebrating what’s going on right now around the pubs, clubs and streets of this wonderful city.

For Press and Advertising Enquiries Contact:

Currently based in Leeds and London, Babystep Magazine is constantly looking to expand throughout the UK.


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