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Sarah Thornton is Using her We Will Dance Again Submission to Make a Change

Sarah Thornton is a Leeds-based artist who is making a name for herself as of late. Her work reflects her relationship with the natural world and the emotions it inspires. She describes herself as "a massive lover of music, going out dancing and having a wild time, caught up in the moment, under the glitter of the mirror ball. I’m interested in detail and embellishment, order and chaos.  I look at my subject matter and think about how many different ways it can be represented.  Representation itself fascinates me.  You can approach one subject matter through a prism of ideas. I’m obsessed with the artistic brain, what makes it tick and love the doors that are being opened through current neuroscience research."

We were lucky enough to have Sarah enter out 'We Will Dance Again' competiton earlier this year, that aimed to raised money for the NHS, whilst reminding us of the necessity to dance. We spoke to Sarah about her decision to get involved, her passion for art and the important of dance.   Great to meet you Sarah, tell us abit about yourself?

Hi I’m Sarah Thornton I don’t really have an art speciality. I’m interested in representation itself, there are so many ways to think about subject matter. I liken it to existing, life is experienced through a prism of ideas and so it’s hard to just stick in one area for me. The notions of chaos and order appeal to me as they seem to symbolise the human condition, all the spectrum. Sometimes I’ll go for a minimal approach and At other times it will be a I’m frantic laying down of ideas. How's Lockdown been for you in general and how has it impacted your art?

When lockdown started I spent about three weeks not able to produce anything. Then I got on with some bird work as an escape. Having my child and partner at home was challenging as that’s where my studio is. After about a month I started getting enquiries about work and became busier than I’ve ever been. For that I’m very, very grateful.

Above: Sarah's Home Studio What drew you to get involved in the We Will Dance Again Competition?

We will dance again for me symbolises going out and doing those things we took for granted, dancing, laughing, letting our minds and bodies go. I’ve been clubbing since I was 14 and really feel for people who are not getting a chance to escape on the dance floor. Do you have any announcements we can look forward to?

I want to start selling a couple of pieces, 12 inch satin poster prints to raise some funds for MAP Charity, I can see what they’re doing and it’s so important to support the youth. I was a very troubled underachiever and nicked off school a lot when I was young. It took a long time for me to find the right path, though the tough times made me who I am. Mentoring and an alternative art’s based vision of education makes so much sense. We don’t all fit into the rigid system, so this is why I’ve chosen MAP.

You can check out more of Sarah's work on her Instagram or Website.

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