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Pa Salieu Drops New Music Video 'Energy' Featuring Mahalia

It's been a huge weekend for British-Gambian rapper Pa Salieu, dropping both his debut mixtape Send Them To Coventry and an accompanying video to final track Energy, alongside Mahalia. Split into two halves, the video is initially shot in black-and-white, with Pa Salieu emotively rapping amongst a scene that is suggestive of society's most pressing issues. Mahalia's entrance then bursts the video into colour, capturing the joyful essence of the track.

Pa Salieu's Send Them To Coventry has been a long-awaited release, with critics now dubbing him as one to watch. “He carries the entire mixtape with his singular voice oscillating between conventional rap flows, dancehall toasts and ice-cold venomous lyrics" described NME, following the mixtape receiving a series of high ratings.

You can listen to the full mixtape here, and watch the video down below.

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