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MontyKeates Introduces 'Hyper-Rock' with Debut Single "PANIC!"

Internet provocateur montyKeates is making his mark with a genre he's dubbed 'hyper-rock.' Today, on September 27, 2023, he unveils his debut single, "PANIC!" in a much-anticipated launch. What's more, montyKeates is set to support South Arcade at the renowned Camden Assembly in London on the very same day.

"PANIC!" is more than just a song; it's a candid expression of the artist's innermost feelings. montyKeates boldly embraces vulnerability in this musical creation, acknowledging the various influences that have shaped his journey of self-discovery. Through this process, he discovers that his emotions, once perceived as burdens, now form the core of his identity.

"As an artist, I can be everything I thought I couldn't be," montyKeates reflects. "I can be loud, angry, express my feelings without guilt. Through my art, I've realized I deserve to be heard."

"PANIC!" is a reflection on his journey to separate from his darkest self, particularly during his sobriety. It's a song that signifies carving out space for positivity and growth within himself. For montyKeates, this track, and all his music, represents that light.

montyKeates doesn't just create music; he crafts mirrors that reflect his personal battles, resonating with those who are navigating their own journeys in a complex world. With "PANIC!" on the horizon, he aims to captivate music enthusiasts with his distinctive sound and unfiltered authenticity.

His talent hasn't gone unnoticed – Instagram has already recognized him as one of their 'Next Gen Artists,' a significant achievement even before his music debut. Music Week also acknowledges his immense potential, shining a light on his forthcoming debut and predicting an impact on the industry.

Beyond the music, montyKeates describes himself as inherently reserved but profoundly compassionate. He often uses humor as his shield. Through his musical journey, he's embarked on a transformative path, shedding these protective layers to embrace the full spectrum of his emotions. This journey isn't just about music; it's about self-discovery and eventual healing.

Don't miss your chance to see montyKeates live on stage:


- Birmingham - Sunflower Lounge - 20/09*

- Manchester - The Lodge, Deaf Institute - 25/09*

- London - Camden Assembly - 27/09*

(*Supporting South Arcade on their UK tour)

Prepare for the 'hyper-rock' experience with montyKeates, as he introduces "PANIC!" to the world of music.


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