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Coloray Takes a Pop Twist on Technology and Art with Sophomore Album ©

Dutch multi-talent Coloray has been making waves in the music industry with his unique approach. Known for his electronic hits that prioritize songwriting, he's back with his second album, ©, which delves into our relationship with technology - a subject that's close to his heart, given his fascination with futurism.

The album revolves around a crucial question: In today's social media-dominated landscape, how can artists break through the noise to connect with their audience? Over nine tracks, Coloray explores this theme through a pop-inspired sound, building on the momentum of his 2022 single 'Blinded.' By embracing pop temporarily, he sheds light on the challenges artists face in a rapidly changing, capital-driven industry. The album encourages listeners to ponder how technology shapes their lives.

Before the album's release, Coloray shared three singles - 'Branded Content,' 'Buy Me,' and 'Try Again' - each offering an energetic take on synth-pop while sharing relatable stories. Coloray's transparency in these tracks highlights his desire to connect with listeners on a personal level. 'Try Again' is an empowering tale of conquering self-doubt, while 'Buy Me' playfully explores the fine line between pursuing dreams and creating marketable content.

For Coloray, these singles were just the start. With ©, he had the creative freedom to explore uncharted territory. From haunting orchestral undertones to euphoric breakbeats in 'New Form,' Coloray delves into the highs and lows of battling depression. 'Hit Record' exudes charisma and addresses the blurred lines between content creation and art.

In some tracks, Coloray brings the vibrant energy of his live performances into the studio, yielding powerful results. 'Energy' radiates his love for the dance floor, exploring spirituality and revolution while departing from his usual pop sound. The closing track, 'Your Life,' ties up the album with an empowering, feel-good dance anthem, echoing the artist's journey and reinforcing the message that determination can overcome life's obstacles.

© offers a compelling narrative of an artist navigating the challenges of technology's influence. In a world where countless creatives vie for a limited audience's attention, Coloray explores the struggle with confidence amid the pressures of social media and statistics. Through this album, Coloray immerses himself in the art of songwriting, discovering his true musical identity.

In his words, Coloray reflects, "Over this album, I found out who I am in my music and what I'd like to achieve. I still don't think I'm a musician; I'm a designer who makes music. We'll see more of that in the coming weeks and months, with artworks, music videos, live shows, and everything built around it. I chose a sound that reinforces the core message beneath the project. In a sense, this is a true 'popism' album, a pop album aware of its pop nature, offering commentary on pop music by embodying it."

Over the past year, Coloray has released numerous singles on DGTL Records, Atomnation, and Intercept, collaborating with artists like Massimiliano Pagliara, Fort Romeau, and Terr. His explosive A/V live show at DGTL Amsterdam took audiences on a captivating journey. With each project, Coloray's artistry evolves, and his devoted fan base continues to grow. With a new album on the horizon and a European tour, including shows at Lowlands, Sziget, and Fusion, 2023 promises to be a defining year for Coloray as he solidifies his reputation as an artist who defies genres.


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