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Bandcamp Picks: Mixtress

If you're in any way into your fast music, then its unlikely that the name Mixtress would have escaped your attention this year. Championing all things Amen, Mixtress' signature blend of jungle, hardcore, footwork, and all sorts in between, is guaranteed to have you bouncing off the walls in anticipation for the return of the club. After securing a residency with Balamii, Mixtress has supplying the goods on both her own show, and a variety of guest mixes across several stations, including Asquith's Lobster Theremin show on Rinse. From her growing success and outrageous selections, we knew we had to pick her brains and get her top picks from Bandcamp for the week.

Genres: Hardcore, Ambient, Experimental, Dance, Jungle

Omerta Records: Artificial Red - Behind Her Eyes

This four tracker from Artificial Red has a contemporary take on jungle, taking us through the full spectrum: from hard hitting amen-at-the-forefront debauchery like Turbo on a Friday, to a more atmospheric intelligent jungle track like You Remind Me. Really thought through production, and it's definitely worth a listen.

Listen HERE.

Draconian Audio: KØDE​-​1 - Outerworlds

Been on a 140 musical reawakening recently and this Draconian Audio release caught my ear while I was browsing because while dubstep has evolved, my taste in dubstep certainly hasn´t. I like simple hi hats and wubs, and this tune DELIVERS.

Listen HERE.

Bogoture Records: CJ - Hold Your Own

This EP´s namesake stays true-- Bogoture is an incredible label with a wide range of genre-crossing footwork and electro releases, and I keep going back to this one because it samples primarily 91-94 hardcore (the musical hill I will live and die on). Two footwork bangers and two high-octane electro bangers that are perfect for your pres, or for your wham-bam 2am set. Listen, my fingers are crossed too.

Listen HERE.

Clear Memory: Yarn Init - So High

Right, I'm a massive sucker for samples and get overly excited when I hear a surprising one. The main guitar sample in this one´s from Doja Cat - Rules and is a sublime club banger. The song transcends into an acidic realm and the rest of the album employs a lot of sample easter eggs to hunt down and is overall a sped-up drexciyan dreamboat.

Listen HERE.

Edited Arts: Diessa - You fought well out there

Diessa´s last EP release from the legendary Edited Arts label had me grooving from the first track. I´ve really been enjoying the reemergence of nu-reggaeton sounds in that 90bpm-ish space and this tune pieces together samples in a way that makes it a really clever chuggy roller.

Listen HERE.

Sub Code Records: Lavery & Puffin´ Billy - Salt Beef 01

Had to put a proper hardcore reccomendation in here! Two mainstays in the contemporary hardcore scene, the first song´s got that maniacally sampled to F*** (true to the track name) Bored-Lordesque vibe, and randomly drops into Born Slippy. Also, I can´t wait to drop the second tune at the rave. I will never say no to happy hardcore.

Listen HERE.


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