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Getting to Know:Lunar Underground

Lunar Underground are a new bass collective representing the finest and most unique sounds coming out of the UK's underground scene. The newly formed collective are aiming to push the boundaries of UKG, Drum and Bass, Dub, Breakbeat, Footwork, Juke and a plethora of other cross-genre bass influenced sounds currently taking over the UK's soundwaves.

Whilst innovatively aiming to push the new school of electronic music the collective are also passionate about paying homage to times gone by with their 'Heritage Sessions' project. The collectives founder Kris Clough told us how the collective aims to promote music old and new "On certain events, and occasionally on our official podcast, a selected DJ will be responsible for a throwback mix of, at least one, specific genre or time period. Essentially we are giving people a musical history lesson to understand the roots of the music they listen to and enjoy nowadays".

Their launch party will take place at Mint Warehouse in Room 2 featuring Med School Music / Hospital Records' Lakeway, Holding Hands' Breaka, M62 Records' Khabs whilst also welcoming our new residents Archa & Calum Brown. Archa is stepping up for the first Heritage Sessions series with a 'Back to the 90s' set. Kris tells us "he won't even tell me what he's going to play so everyone is in for a real treat and complete surprise with this one!". They are closing out the night with Palmer x Freeman who are making their Leeds debuts also. The launch party will be alongside the likes of Crissy Criss, Mr Traumatik, Rene LaVIce, North Base, R3DX, L3mmy Dubz & Servo.

Our second event is where things will become even more interesting Kris tells us. "We have commissioned 50ft of immersive psychedelic visuals from Oliver Livsey who has done a stellar and plan to combine it with Sheaf St's awesome lighting setup to shake up the Monday of Halloween week. We plan to rubber stamp our mark on Sheaf St with a brand new intimate audio/visual concept never before seen in the bass community within Leeds."

The event will see the collective welcome UKG legend Zed Bias for an hour of musical education and end the night with the unique but genius Nuphlo who blends the sounds of Asian Underground music into distinctive dub, breakbeat and D&B patterns. Lunar resident DJ Archa will be going back to back with childhood friend Pirata, who is renowned up in Newcastle for his sickening deep down low 140 sound. Also playing will be Trophy who is doing a 130+ bpm set ranging from trap to dub to D&B also which should utilise to full effect Sheaf St's brilliant Pioneer rig.

As mentioned earlier, the Heritage Sessions series will continue with BabyStep's very own Big Jo who is responsible for a History of Dub set. We really can't wait to see what lies ahead for Lunar Underground in Leeds and beyond. Please find the links to the Lunar Underground events below.

Launch Night at Mint Warehouse

Space Jams at Sheaf Street

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