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Hippie Tribe Release Standout Single Goku

In life, sure things don’t come around too often. Luckily for us, we’re able to break the news that it will undoubtedly be a “Tribe Summer”. Alternative hip-hop two-piece, Hippie Tribe, is the gravity-defying duo you need in your life. Consisting of blond.bomber (the classically trained pianist who taught himself Bach at age 8!) and dp.thuHippie (who aspires to write, direct and score his own movies), the combo have been turning heads with their addictive, signature sonics. They create a sound all their own as they seamlessly flow through and blend the highest peaks of various genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Alt Rock. A sound so undeniable, the multi-instrumentalist tandem know their breakout is right around the corner.

“We feel like we’re in the part of the space program where it’s like 2-weeks ‘til launch. No t-minus countdown clock yet. No space suits on - you might be cutting grass or watching a movie with your shorty - Life is still ‘normal’” says Bomber. “..But, there’s this little whisper growing - you can’t really take a step without noticing it - you know for a fact, in a few weeks, you gon’ be in Space. Space... That’s where we are,” dp.thuH concludes.

Based in Brooklyn, their core fan base is chomping at the bit for their next release, as they’ve been loyal from the humble and organic beginnings of Hippie Tribe. Whether it’s 2017 and the band is playing in a college student’s backyard for 30 brave souls, or it’s present-year and the band is booked to headline at legendary NYC venues like The Mercury Lounge on August 21st, the love and appreciation has never faltered. Fortunately, there’s still time to jump on the Hippie Tribe rocket, and while we now know the amount of work and passion the dyad put into their music, the ascension during and after Summer ‘21 will seem as if they are overnight sensations. The closing message is simple and tantalizing from the Tribe - “See you soon”.

Vibrantly original and untethered to labels, Hippie Tribe’s latest single ‘GOKU’, out everywhere June 18th via their own record label, OTOLO Records, will perhaps be the record everyone remembers being played at the launch pad. We’re locked in - 3...2...1...

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