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Bandcamp Picks: Bakey

Leeds producer and DJ Bakey has leapt from success to success over the last two years. He first appeared on our radar at the start of 2020 when gritty UKG and breakbeat edits began to appear on his SoundCloud, gaining instant traction. A year down the line, the now 20 year old Bakey has secured releases on 199, ec2a, Timeisnow and more, as well as appearances on Rinse FM, Balami, and Subtle Radio, and a whole host of live bookings up and down the UK. We absolutely love his dark, driving take on UKG, and are really looking forward to what he has planned for the future. Check out his recommendations for you to check on Bandcamp.

Commodo - Scabz / Guah

“Commodo is one of those Producers I’ve been following for a very long time, and was absolutely blown away when I heard this EP. Incredible sound design throughout. Love how any sound you hear just seems so perfectly placed. Both tracks are insane but my favourite track is ‘Guah’”

Groovy D - AfterwordGroove EP

“It’s been hard to keep up with all the incredible releases that Time is Now have been rolling out so rapidly recently, but one that caught my ear was the brand new 6 tracker from Groovy D. Never usually been big on my 4x4, but this EP defo changed my mind. Love the uniqueness of each track, with old-school and new-school styles flowing together. Got some wicked features on it too. Favourite track defo ‘Timeless’”

Bailey Ibbs - Helter Skelter EP

“This EP is a big one from Bailey. Love the route he’s been taking recently with his productions. His drums are always so clean and chopped so nicely. Each track brings something new to the table, making it tricky to pick one as my favourite. It’s got to be “Off The Lorry” though, which I hear is Baileys least favourite hahaha”

Anz - OTMI001

“This is a killer release on Anz’s brand new label ‘OTMI’. These tracks really stand out from anything I’ve heard lately. Favourite track is the A side entitled “Unravel In The Designated Zone". Got a real 80s vibe from it as well as elements of West Coast Gangster Funk. That synth line is so god damn catchy, that track has definitely become an instant classic already!”

Kelly Lee Owens - Re-Wild (Breaka Remix)

“Huge huge huge remix from the big bro Breaka. Featured on Kelly Lee Owen’s new Inner Song Remix Series EP along with other remixes from Yazzus, Loraine James, Elkka and many more. Love how he’s manipulated the vocal parts in the build up and main section to make them dart about rhythmically. Also big fan of the switch from the half time drums into the broken breaks.”

Biome - Blurred Lines

“Biome is a crazy-good producer from Manchester who I’ve been aware of for quite some time now. Love his Dubstep productions, but this EP also features some incredible 130 hybrid-techno bits which I’m such a huge fan of. Favourite track is 100% the track ‘Footprint’. Got a totally distinctive groove to it.”

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