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Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes' Tiny Desk (Home) Concert Is A Must Watch

The collaborative album ‘What Kinda Music’ from Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes lends itself to the at-home tiny desk setting effortlessly - further consolidating the two as the most exciting talent on the UK music scene. Featuring two songs from the album, lead single ‘Nightrider’ followed by ‘Tidal Wave’, the pair are supported by plenty of talent, including Jordan Rakei, Tom Driessler on bass and John Mayer with a classic Mayeresque closing guitar solo on ‘Nightrider’; and Rocco Palladino on bass and Joel Culpepper on backing vocals for ‘Tidal Wave’. the set evokes a hypnotic, dreamy soundscape, blending electronica and avant-garde jazz. Whilst audibly beautiful, the visual editing lifts the set making it a joy to watch.

A rolling collage piecing together rhythmic prowess of drummer Yussef Dayes, Misch on lead guitar and vocals, and supporting artists results in a musical experience that is easily placed at the top of the creative output from peoples bedrooms due to Coronavirus. If this is what to expect from the guys over at NPR and their new at-home tiny desk format, then I have to say I’m eagerly awaiting their next feature.

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