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Tracks That Shaped My Sound: Brown Bones

Emerging singer-songwriter, Brown Bones hits on the nerve of painful losses, peaceful passages, twilight battles, and passionate swells with his cracking musical output. Oddly familiar with inventive twists, each song is a chapter of its own accord and altogether a true and beautiful saga. We spoke to him ahead of the release of Vices we spoke to the band about the tracks that shaped his sound, enjoy!

Tracy Chapman - Behind the Wall

This one always resonated with me by simply telling harsh truths, in a beautiful, honest, painful and melodic way. I saw Tracy at the last show of the Crossroads album tour when I was a kid. I was spellbound. One of the few artists you can see that sounds better live than on the record. Incredible

James Blake - I Never Learnt to Share

Probably one of the rawest and honest tracks you have heard that also has the fewest words written down, to create one song. Pretty sure this is the song that introduced me to James Blake. It had me mesmerized from that moment only to discover a treasure trove of highly inspiring songs.

Ted Hawkins - Sorry Your Sick

One of my favorite singer-songwriters I have discovered so far. I am a visual artist as well and my mentor used to play Ted cassette tapes in the studio when I would go work for her. Some of the songs just slowly worked themselves into my DNA. He is incredible. Ted Hawkins gives you the real, raw deal in the most painful yet comforting and soulful phrases ever. This song is so inspiring in its tinder nature, feeding the habit of destruction while taking care of it at the same time.

D'Angelo - The Root

Imagine- your soul is banana fruit and each part of this song; intro, verse, hook and tag are peals of skin, being easily stripped away by the real emotion hitting your core in each lyrical passage. Masterful. Voodoo is probably one of the most listened to albums. "Axis - Bold as Love" by Jimi Hendrix is definitely a step above this one on the most listened to scale and it may be that groovy-ass jimi-esque guitar riff that captures you in 'The Root".

Little Dragon - Twice

Minimal, haunting, gorgeous, and the refrain is endlessly questioning. I can listen to this song for 100 years and take away new meaning each time.


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