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Tracks That Shaped Our Sound: Dude Safari

Alt grunge rock outfit Dude Safari have recently released the explosive ‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’, the

relentless follow up to September’s ‘Doom & Gloom’ which saw the band receive huge editorial and

radio support. Bursting with infectious grunge hooks, massive choruses, and a relentless rhythm

section, Dude Safari isn’t playing around with this latest single.

We talked to the band about the tracks that have helped shape their sound. Enjoy!

Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench

I think everyone would agree how influential Dave & the Foo’s are. They had that absolute fine line cemented between absolutely monstrous songs and infectious humour. They knew they were good, they also were. The songwriting during the first five records was ridiculous!

They covered all spectrums, massive choruses, towering riffs..but they also weren’t afraid to strip it back to the absolute skin & bones (see what I did there).

Dinosaur Pile-Up – White T-Shirt & Jeans

We’re all huge fans of DPU, I think they’re the band that tipped us over into forming Dude Safari. The songwriting of Bigland is unruly, he’s a true modern workhorse. Their blend of Grungy catchy bangers has leeched onto our musical mindsets right from their debut. We fucking love them. White T-Shirt & Jeans was our mutual choice, its just one of those perfect songs. Always forever.

Weezer – Undone – The Sweater Song

Weezer are one of those untouchable bands, their influence on music as a whole is one of those cult landmarks of the modern audio bible. The Blue album like a lot of folks is just one of those perfect albums, gosh its just rad isn’t it? It’s an instant mood booster. They have that ‘Don’t give a shit’ attitude and do whatever they please. I love them for that.

Death By Unga Bunga – Turn My Brain Off

When you first listen to DBUB you instantly wonder how the blooming heck you hadn’t heard of them before. The musicianship and songwriting is jealousy invoking. How they aren’t a household name (oldest term in the book) I don’t no. Crazy band. The record ‘So Far So Good So Cool’ that this track belongs to is like a greatest hits record. Its a modern day masterpiece.

Blink 182 - Wendy Clear

Anyone who’s even looked at an instrument would of heard of blink 182, with their fast tempos and catchy melodies what isn’t to like! And with their dick jokes and toilet humour throughout their albums and live shows proved to the world they were having huge amounts of fun playing music with their mates, and that’s why we and I’m sure almost every other band starts!

You can check the band out on Spotify here

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