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Indigo Eyes Releases 'Close To You' EP

On Friday, London-based producer Indigo eyes released his 'Close To You' EP, following up from previous singles 'Forbidden' and, most recently, 'Jaded.'

'Close To You' EP offers a welcome dose of warmth as the winter draws in. The EP as a whole has an optimistic and youthful charm that's bound to give you a lift in these often mundane times. The EP opens with 'Forbidden'; a down-tempo, delicate track with airy vocals from LissA. The next track, 'Higher', offers off-beat rhythms and ambient guitar strums, whereas 'Jaded' and the title track 'Close To You' provide upbeat, house-y grooves, complimented perfectly by the vocals of featured artists De Rien and Georgie O'Brien.

Speaking about his new track 'Jaded' , he said, "Jaded is definitely the most club-ready track off of the EP. It's the embodiment of everything I love about the more experimental side of house music, which is exactly what I set out to create when I sat down to write it. The whole instrumental was finished in about a day and Georgie absolutely killed it with the hook, she's such a talented writer and knew exactly what my vision for the track was. It was honestly

such an amazing experience seeing how quickly it all came together."

It's a promising start from this young producer, and this EP wraps off his year nicely- we are very much looking forward to see what 2021 has to offer.


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