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  • Josh Crowe

Conservative Party release 'lo-fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to'

In a surprising turn of events the Conservative Party have released a lo-fi 'Boriswave' video on YouTube, which acts as a last-ditch attempt to save the parties public image which is crumbling by the day. The video that lasts for an agonising 71 minutes is titled lo-fi ‘Boriswave’ video “to relax/get Brexit done to”. The video features a playlist of supposedly 'strong and stable music' with a backdrop of Boris Johnson sat on a train reading his manifesto. Just when you think a video couldn't get any worse the voice of Boris himself cuts in saying 'we've gotta get Brexit done'.

There is an abundance of propaganda that is blared out during the video, one of the worst being a snippet of Johnson saying he will get 20,000 more police on the streets, the same 20,000 that the Conservative Government took off the streets in the first place.

This is a clear attempt from Boris and his Conservative Party to win over younger voters by tragically participating in the post-irony age of the internet. The video might just be the worst thing on the internet since two girls one cup transforming Brexit into somewhat of a caricature. This last-ditch propaganda piece stands a far better chance of ending the genre of lo-fi music then sorting out Brexit.

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