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Stretchy Dance Supply Return This Weekend

Stretchy Dance Supply are back, with two parties this weekend in London and Leeds. Kyoto based DJ/Producer Stones Taro heads to UK for his European Debut! The brainchild of Breaka, Dubrunner, Ross Ross, and Sourpuss, the party was born out of the widespread enthusiasm seen at house parties throughout Leeds. Since then, the crew has taken the workout fever to new heights, with takeovers at renowned events like Outlook and Leeds Festival. In 2022, they made a triumphant leap to London. The parties have always been loved for audience participation, international bookings and for reminding us of the importance to not take everything so seriously.

Since its launch in 2018, club-goers have bid farewell to stiff joints, tight hamstrings, lackluster dance moves, and pesky lower back pain while immersing themselves in cutting-edge club beats. As one partygoer in a bucket hat exclaimed after their first experience, "The aerobics in there are absolutely top-notch."

Stretchy Dance Supply's platform caters to a diverse range of dance styles, including breaks, footwork, jersey club, and various bounce-based genres. They've also assembled an impressive lineup of talent, with Sherelle, Kush Jones, Stones Taro, Surusinghe, Fauzia, Reo, UNIIQU3, SWISHA, DJ Plead, Nikki Nair, Jossy Mitsu, Alvva, and many more leading the energetic sessions both behind and sometimes even on top of the decks.

Drawing inspiration from UKG, jungle, breaks, and house, Stones Taro's music is designed to set dancefloors on fire. With a two-hour mix that's a powerhouse of high-energy selections, Taro showcases his knack for propelling the rave sound into the future while preserving its foundational genres.Starting his career in 2014, Taro has been a dynamic force in the Kyoto music scene, releasing standout tracks on some of the hottest UK underground labels, including Scuffed, Time Is Now, Hardline Sounds, and Dansu Discs.

Since 2017, he's also co-founded NC4K, a Kyoto-based dance music label alongside Lomax. With a constant flow of releases, the label is garnering recognition as a vital bridge between Japan and the global music scene. Also playing is Alvva. Born and raised in Sant Sebastian, settled in Barcelona - Alvva is a DJ/Producer influenced by the new electronic music made in the UK. A resident for Razzmatazz with her own party Diverso - Alvva consistently champions local grassroots artists from Barcelona alongside global talent.

Playing at the Leeds event this Saturday is Introspekt. With releases on Practical Rhythms, EC2A, Gimme A Break, Shall Not Fade, and soon T4T LUV NRG, her signature sound blends bass-heavy club music inspired by the international Garage scene. Whether it's dark bass-heavy 2-Step or groovy speed garage.

Beyond her British Isles influences, Introspekt is a prominent figure in the American queer underground scene. She's not just replicating but revitalizing the genres she touches.

A powerhouse in the UK underground and longtime friend, breakbeat champion Frazer Ray returns to Stretchy for a set featuring his signature broken and bouncy electronic-tinged selections. Back in 2018 they booked him for one of his first ever shows, back when he was Soundbwoy Killah!

Grab your tickets HERE.


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