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The Boys in the Band: Exclusive FACTORY interview

On the Southern bank of the river Mersey lies the industrial town of Runcorn, the birthplace of Rock and Roll band FACTORY. With an estimated population of around 60,000 people,it is located only a couple of miles away from Spike Island, where the Stone Roses played their infamous outdoor show almost 30 years ago. After several standout performances and sellout shows, FACTORY have been described by many as Merseyside's most promising band.'Despite having national success,it is evident that however far these boys go they will always remember where they came from. Their name is inspired by the industrial roots of their beloved town, which their ancestors helped build. As well as being great musicians with killer tunes,one other thing the band promises is a true rock and roll performance regardless of where they play.There really is no wonder that talks of a European tour are already underway for the four-piece.We talked to the boys minutes before their first show in London at the Monarch, here is how it went down...

James:Lead Vocals and Guitar

Karl: Vocals and Lead Guitar

Tony: Vocals and Bass

Ben: Drummer

How does it feel to be playing your first show in London?

Tony: It feels great!

Karl: Yeah, I loved it!

Ben: I thought we were in Widnes?

There is a real debate as to whether the London scene is on the up or down, how would you compare it to Liverpool?

Tony: The scene in Liverpool is on its arse! It is a very selective city, I feel like it’s only Manchester and London giving bands a real chance.

James: London seems to have a far more diverse scene, in that it supports more bands that Liverpool would.

Ben: Unless you are a well-known band in that clique, it is near on impossible to be given a chance.

You’ve been announced for festivals such as Blackthorn and Tramlines! How do festivals compare to shows for you guys?

Karl: We’ve played a few festivals! It depends on the crowd really, although on a good day a festival wins it for me!

Meet the Band: James(left), Karl(Middle), Tony(Right).

I saw a post a couple of weeks ago that you guys were back in the studio, does this mean you’re working on some new tunes?

Karl: We’ve already done a new tune and it’s fucking phenomenal!

Ben: If people knew who we were it’d be number one. The plan is to get that released and then get a new EP out by next year!

How do you guys feel before you get on stage for a show?

James(laughs): It depends what’s in my body. No but in all seriousness, I have a lot of faith in what we sound like, meaning I’m never too nervous when I get up there.

Karl:I wouldn’t say I’m relaxed before a show, nor am I nervous. It is just a sense of excitement to get on and play, the type of feeling you get before going on a rollercoaster.

Do you think that has something to do with the fact you have always had a big fan base?

Karl: It certainly helps yeah!

James: I feel like we are a bunch of normal guys, who attract a fanbase of people very much like ourselves.

Blood,Sweat and Tears: Ben Worrall killing it on the drums!

You’ve got a great fan-base that continues to grow, do you have any funny fan stories?

Ben: Oh boy do we!

Karl: (quick to interrupt Ben) Let’s stop there, here is a sensible one. When we played night and day Cafe in Manchester, I got a message before we started playing from a guy from France. He said he’d heard our music and was asking if he could see us play, of course I said yes. About ten on these French lads turned up from Nice, it was a bit surreal.

James: (laughs)Music is the universal language!

What can we look forward to from you guys?

Ben: My birthday 16th of September. Bongo’s Bingo, make sure you don’t bring your nan!

Karl: We have got Blackthorn next weekend, as well as Tramlines. We really can’t wait for those festival dates, make sure you get onto our singles as well. We’ve also got a bunch of other shows coming up, it would be great to get a load of heads down to them!

Check out our promo video for FACTORY in London here.

Written and edited by: Josh Crowe


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