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Cleveland-Based Indie Artist Jordan Dean Aims to Replicate Success of UK Heroes with New EP

Jordan Dean may well have grown up in Cleveland, Ohio but his musical heroes are very clearly on the other side of the pond, as evidenced by the tracks on his new EP, Local. With his own take on indie pop which incorporates a raw, live sound, he draws influence from all the music he comes across but you’ll be quick to pick up on the melodies and sounds of artists such as Jamie T, The Kooks, and Arctic Monkeys. However, Local is distinctly Jordan Dean, comforting and familiar yet fresh and engaging, 2021 is the year when Jordan looks to make his mark in his spiritual home.

Local has real heart and soul, as well as personality and humour, a glimpse of an artist growing up and enjoying himself whilst experiencing and sharing real emotions.

"This collection of songs were written when I was 18 and 19 and they just have to do with coming into young adulthood. I think they both encapsulate the young fun side of drinking and that but also carry some emotional weight of growing up. The songs all have to do with relationships with friends, family, and the people that were around

me at that time"


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