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Brighton Based Musician Alfie Neale Set To Release New Single Tomorrow

Alfie Neale is the latest artist to feature in our 'Tracks That Shaped Our Sound' feature tomorrow. The singer, songwriter, and producer, originally hailing from Dorset is now based in Brighton, England. His upcoming release ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’ is set for release this Friday.

He's developed a burgeoning reputation as an artist whose music is a sonic mould of various styles and genres. His music navigates through a plethora of genres, cascading from soul, disco, jazz and hip-hop. Neale's influences range from the modern (Amy Winehouse, Anderson Paak) to the classic (Doobie Brothers, George Benson) reflecting his wilful genre-hopping tendencies. Now with four releases under his belt, each revealing subtly different facets of his modus operandi, Neale's unique soulful vocal sits as the centerpiece, bringing coherence to a sound that is all his own.

You can check out his existing discography, but also be sure to hang around till tomorrow for release:

Head over to his Instagram to check out what he's up to HERE


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