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Grief Into Rage: A Fundraising Compilation For Beirut Victims

Grief Into Rage is an eclectic 36-track compilation that features some truly phenomenal artists. This fantastic body of work acts as a musical protest in support of Beirut.

The extensive track list features a host of artists from the Middle East and diaspora, as well as a host of international talents, including such names include Lara Sarkissian and 8ullentina of Club Chai, Oldyungmayn and Van Boom, DJ Plead, Pugilist, Air Max ’97, Phatrax, DJ Tess, TVSI, Elisa Massoni, Arabs with Synthesizers and many, many more. When talking about the compilation organisers said "some of the artists who submitted tracks are from the Middle Easteners scene, some are based in the UK, Berlin, Italy, France, Canada and Australia. The cause is very important because the explosion left 300,000 homeless and caused tens of billions in damage, all whilst the country is going through an economical crisis."

Grief Into Rage is eclectic in terms of genre, and listeners from all spectrums of dance music will find music that resonates on the compilation, which features IDM, breakbeats, post-club, techno, left-field baile, garage, as well as countless genres in between.

In a statement on Bandcamp, compiler and curator Toumba (Radio Flouka resident) had this to say of the project:“Beirut, dubbed as the 'Paris of the Middle East', is a beautiful city and has contributed so much to the underground scene, especially in the Middle East, so it was time for the scene to give back." All proceeds from the Grief Into Rage are set to be donated between the Lebanese Red Cross and Tunefork Studios’ Beirut Musician’s fund.

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