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Eaasy Records New Compilation Is Raising Funds For Leeds Venues

Eeasy Records' brand new benefit compilation 'New Yorkshire Heavy Underground' is out now, an exhilarating new release with a tracklist boasting some of the best riffs round Yorkshire with the aim of supporting some beloved, integral and unfortunately at risk venues within Leeds.

We talked with EEasy founder and record facilitator Charlie Wyatt:

"We’ve had a whip round with some of the very best Yorkshire bands to put together a benefit compilation, there are two goals of this comp, firstly to try and pony up some funds for Mabgate Bleach & Wharf Chambers, two wonderfully diverse and welcoming Leeds' venues that either haven’t been able to open up at all or under extremely limited circumstances for the last six months and perhaps more worryingly won’t know when normal & safe business can resume.

The second is to spotlight some of the excellent music we have going on up here. The punk/noise/indie/garage/fuzz/psych/shoegaze you’ll find on here is some of the best in the county let alone the country. Full tracklisting below but highlights include big boy chugs from Pulled Apart by Horses, Riot Grrl brashcore from Peach Club, DIY funk-punk from Shakamoto Investigation, harsh grind from Ona Snop, NYC tinged dance punk from Holodrum, fake country meat puppetry from MUSH and Cocker-of-the-walk pulppop from Bad Bug."

You can check out the wonderful work of the label over on their page here.

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