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The Visual Evolution Of The Chemical Brothers

Adam Smith, Co-Creative Director of The Chemical Brothers live show, walks through two iconic Glastonbury performances from 2000 and 2019. Having worked with Tom Rowland and Ed Simons for over 25 years, Smith is the man behind their iconic live shows that are famous across the world.

The film is a collaboration between the band and their visual designer/director partner Adam Smith and was filmed during The Chemical Brothers’ headline set at Fuji Rock festival in Japan in 2011. The dance duo launched the film at a star-studded premiere at London’s Hackney Picturehouse last month.

Speaking about the film, band member Ed Simons said: “We wanted to have a film for us to keep as a record, but Adam had more ambition. There was footage from Glastonbury 2007 which was pretty amazing, it really started to capture what it is to be in the crowd, how the music and the visuals are intoxicating. You have to capture that thing that’s in the air.”

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