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Oranj Son Talk Exclusively About New Track 'Radio Wires'.

Straight after the release of their new single 'Radio Wires' we talked exclusively to Kieran Linford of Oranj Son. The Synth-Punk trio who hail from Ellesmere Port have a catalogue of influences ranging from New Order to Echo and the Bunnymen. The guys were once described by Phil Taggart of BBC Radio 1 as 'absolute perfection'. After even a quick listen of their new three minute track, one would struggle to challenge such praise. The track boasts uplifting instrumentation and imposing lyrics. Despite only being out for just over a week, the track reaches the same heights as other anthems like 'Psycho Disco Face'.

Hi guys, it’s mad to think that you were the first band we ever interviewed last June, what have you been up to since then?

Once again it's a privilege. We've mostly been writing and recording. We've done a handful of gigs but we're saving gigging for this summer.

Your new track Radio Wires was recently released, how long has it been out for now?

It's been out since 12th April, so last week.

Tell us about the song’s lyrics, what is the track about?

It's not necessarily about anything. More a stream of thoughts. I hadn't seen daylight for a couple weeks.

If you could describe the track in three words what would they be?

Simple, solitary, self-deprecating.

Tell us abit about the equipment you guys used!

I use a Vox Phantom IV jammed through a few Electro Harmonix reverb pedals. Our Matt uses a Korg Minilogue and a MiniNova Novation. We also used a Roland AIRA TB-3 bass sequencer.

Where did you record the song?

We recorded the stems in Parr Street with Tim Cunningham. The rest was recorded and produced by the brilliant Luke Done of Attic Sounds (Ellesmere Port).

The track is of course accompanied by a music video, who was responsible for filming it?

Pete Catherall. He's also based in Ellesmere Port. Great to work with.

Can you tell us about any influences for the song ?

At that time of writing, I was listening to The Bunnymen constantly, Circa Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here. The Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy was big for me too.

What has the reaction been to the single so far?

Thus far, it's been decent. In the last week, Gary Crowley's played it on BBC Radio London, Dave Monks has played it on BBC Merseyside and BBC 6music. It's also been on Soho Radio London and Amazing Radio. It managed to make it over to Peru too and was briefly at number 2 in their iTunes chart.

Where can people stream and purchase it?


Do you have any plans for the rest of 2018?

Make so much music.

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