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WATCH: Margrete Drops New Single 'Hate Myself'

Norwegian singer-songwriter Margrete has unveiled her latest single, 'Hate Myself,' marking a significant step in her artistic evolution. Released through the independent imprint New Phase, the track hit all streaming platforms on November 22.

Following the success of her EP 'FLAWS vol. 1' in 2022, Margrete takes a deep dive into introspection with 'Hate Myself,' offering a brutally honest exploration of self-flaws and a poignant response to the pitfalls of toxic positivity. The singer shares her creative process, describing the song as her most honest work to date. In her words, "It is an exploration of my own flaws, a little talk with my shadow self, if you will. This song is also a middle finger to toxic positivity, and the paradox of society telling us to beat ourselves up over not loving ourselves enough."

Drawing inspiration from various sources, including contemporary choir music, conversations with friends, and everyday thoughts, Margrete's creative process for 'Hate Myself' was cathartic and vibrant. Having faced years of bullying and internal self-criticism, she sees music as a healing outlet, reclaiming lost years. Reflecting on this process, she notes, "It felt like seeing all the broken bones in my mind that had healed in the wrong position, and having to break them all over again in order for them to heal correctly."

'Hate Myself' radiates an upbeat and euphoric energy, conveying Margrete's personal growth both as an individual and as an artist. With this single, she embarks on an intrinsic journey through her upbringing and artistic career, leaving a profound impact on her audience. As Margrete continues to make waves in the music scene, 'Hate Myself' promises to be a defining chapter in her accomplished body of work.

Margrete's musical journey began in 2017, leading to notable features in HBO’s 'I May Destroy You' (2020) and NRK’s 'Unge Lovende' (2018). She has shared the stage with Rostam, played at Vill Vill Vest (2018), and Paper Dress Vintage (2019). With her debut EP 'All These Stages' and sophomore EP 'FLAWS vol. 1,' Margrete has garnered attention from Talent Norway's ArtEx program, The Line of Best Fit, Iggy Mag, Glide Mag, and more, solidifying her upward trajectory in the industry.


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