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Tracks That Shaped My Sound: Mog Jones

Mog Jones is an artist who has been touring the South of England since she was 16, supporting Albert Lee, Leo Sayer and playing at Boardmasters along the way. She’s got an incredible DIY ethic of taking her guitar just about everywhere, getting on stage and playing. We spoke to her about the tracks that shaped the sound for her latest release 'On The Run', which is out on the 19th of March.

White Stripes/Jack White - The Same Boy You’ve Always Known

This song for me is a huge influence, I remember seeing it for the first time (Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau) and just being instantly mesmerised by it. The reverb, the minimalism, the fact that so little could sound so grand. It gave me chills and I knew that I wanted to create something that could potentially have that impact on someone else, super country but effortlessly cool.

Haim - Up From A Dream

This song and the rest of the WIMPiii album was pretty much my soundtrack to 2020. This song in particular has a real glam rock feel which is why I love it, it’s got the perfect amount of stomp with a gorgeous bouncy bassline and that’s something I tried to channel for the abum. I love that the Haim ladies are so involved in their work as well so I relate to them on that level because this album is from top to bottom me and my sisters.

The Stone Roses - Don’t Stop

“Don’t Stop” is just my perfect summer anthem, it’s wonderful and wavy and just has a euphoric feel that is so hard to capture. We used this as a main inspiration on “Gimme Time” and “Preach” because we wanted that wavy vibe to carry over. The Stone Roses have this cocky swagger that I wanted to shine through on them and I think we managed that.

Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs

I channeled “Silver Springs” on my song “By The Night”. There is a real vulnerability to “Silver Springs” which I really love, but there are also moments of real strength and raw power that are hard to ignore. I wanted to create a song that could do that too, though I'm no Stevie Nicks.

Bobbie Gentry - Fancy

For me this song is just fabulous, I like it because it’s sort of about doing whatever you’ve got to do to get where you ought to be, there’s a drive to the character that I think is like me. You can work hard but can always work harder, and whilst you’re working hard may as well look good doing it! It’s country but it’s glamorous and sassy too, which is something I hope people get from listening to the album.

Check out Mog's music over on her Spotify Below:

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