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Spacey Basement Cult Release Wild and Wonky New Single

Born out of the basement recording culture of Leeds, Spacey Basement Cult are difficult to pin down. With their luscious warm synths and crunchy lofi drums, the group welcome in an impressive range of musical influences into their sound to craft a captivating and unpredictable sonic experience every time.

'The Cult' have recently announce the release od more intergalactic spacey goodness in the form of a new single with an accompanying B side. The first of the two tracks, 'Phil, The Self-Centred Weatherman', retains the haze-y swirls and mind bending soundscapes that we are used to in their sound, but theres a definite change of energy. Theres a level of drive that we haven't seen before that really kicks things into action on this track.

Following up on the B side is 'Me, the Self-Centred Lover'. This track is certainly less friendly, with a deep and dark edge brought in by piercing bass and ominous gentle vocals. It's the perfect balance to the A side, and makes perfect nighttime listening.

The new single is now out on all platforms.


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