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Organic New Music Friday #10

Welcome to the 10th edition of Organic New Music Friday - this week brings a super diverse range of releases, featuring a Babystep exclusive.

ALT.AIRE - 'Paradise Circus [Edit]'

Sibling-duo ALT.AIRE drop their debut release tomorrow, a remake of Massive Attack's iconic track Paradise Circus. Their reconstruction of the trip-hop anthem reignites its success through a dark garage beat that resonates the sounds of Burial and Bonobo. Their focus on live instrumentation, which will be visualised in their upcoming CabinFever episode, is a welcomed return to the world of live music that currently seems so far out of reach. The video is a must-watch, as the boys demonstrate their attentive composition of the song's layers to create a truly beautiful remake of this wonderful track.

Paradise Circus [Edit] is out tomorrow on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Equus - 'Joker (SS003)'

Equus treats us to another super-charged, electro track this week, in the form of Joker (SS003). As a part of his upcoming EP REHD {Raw, Uncut}, released on the 27th November via Slippery Sounds, this number packs a punchy bassline and a subtle touch of strings that keeps you fixated throughout.

Joker is out on SoundCloud now, and you can pre-order Equu's EP REHD {Raw, Uncut} here.

Aleksandir - 'Technicolour'

Aleksandir is an Istanbul-based producer, releasing Technicolour as a part of his upcoming album Skin. Discussing the ideas behind the album, he said "I started writing Skin as a break-up album, but found myself in a whole new chapter of my life by the time it was done. It’s about affection and touch, or lack thereof. More than anything it’s a snapshot of the past year of my life, full of recordings of my friends and loved ones, moments of Intimacy, drunken conversations and laughter. Musically and conceptually it’s my most ambitious work to date, and maybe the first project that feels like a true piece of myself."

Technicolour is out now on SoundCloud.

Front Bench & Tom Jarmey - 'Clear Blue' EP

199's Front Bench and Tom Jarmey have come together for the release of their 4-track EP Clear Blue. As a project born out of Lockdown, Clear Blue creates a soundscape of breaks and jungle-infused melodies that reflect on summer very nicely. You can pre-order the EP down below, ahead of its release on the 4th December.

You can listen to a preview of the tracks here, and pre-order now.

Nadia Khan - 'Conversation'

Nadia Khan's Conversation is the second track of upcoming LP Port Ana. Contrasting dreamy textures and evolving layers against a resonating kick drum, this track is beautifully experimental.

You can listen to Conversation on SoundCloud now, and pre-order the full LP here.

Destroy & Mell G - 'Back to Back'

Destroy and Mell G join forces for ghetto-tech headbanger Back to Back, as premiered on Childsplay. This is the first single of their self-titled collaborative EP, released on the 4th December.

You can listen to Back to Back on SoundCloud now, and pre-order here.


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