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Merryn Jeann Unveils Captivating Second Single "ME B4 U" from Upcoming Album DOG BEACH

Merryn Jeann, the boundary-defying artist, sets the stage for her forthcoming debut album, "DOG BEACH," with the release of her second single, "ME B4 U." The track, a whimsical dive into the complexities of romance, encapsulates self-discovery and mindfulness in the realm of alternative pop.

Produced by the renowned Rob Ellis, recognized for his collaborations with PJ Harvey, "ME B4 U" is not just a sonic experience but a visual journey. The accompanying self-directed video, co-directed with Merryn's niece, Eden Rain, paints a vibrant picture of teenage realization. Jeann grapples with the balance of selfhood and connection, a theme she masterfully explores through the song's lyrics and captivating visuals.

In the video narrative, Merryn Jeann, portraying a teenager, navigates the realization that self-surrender precedes genuine connection. The song, as Jeann describes, delves into the concept of loving someone even amid personal turbulence, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and mutual growth within a relationship. The visual experience unfolds as a coming-of-age story, perfect for those dreamy car rides with windows down, reminiscent of indie love films.

"ME B4 U" follows the enchanting "NUN AT THE AIRPORT," a track inspired by a surreal pandemic moment witnessed from Jeann's quarantine hotel in Frankfurt airport. The release marked a significant chapter in Merryn Jeann's career, earning praise for its unique sound that defies categorization.

Hailing from Naarm/Melbourne and Bundjalung Country/Byron Bay Shire, Merryn Jeann is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist crafting a genre-bending, dreamy soundscape. Drawing inspiration from artists like Caroline Polachek, Cat Power, Weyes Blood, Feist, and Kelsey Lu, Jeann's music radiates authenticity and musical wisdom.

Having recently returned to Australia after years in Paris, where she studied Fine Arts, Merryn Jeann's artistry transcends boundaries. Her visual arts background enriches her music-making process, evident in her self-directed experimental videos under the alias MAAMDAAM. As she gears up for the release of "DOG BEACH" on February 23rd, Merryn Jeann promises a diverse and effortlessly unique musical journey, echoing the storytelling and experimentation of the '90s and early 2000s.

Embrace Merryn Jeann's unconfined artistry, where each note and visual element tells a profound tale, breaking free from the constraints of conventional genres.


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