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On his current mission to return to the underground MC Cobra has yet again pulled together some of the finest UKG producers in game for his 3rd & biggest album to date. Possibly better known for touring with & featuring on Radio 1’s Kissy Sell Out show, he is also known in the UKG scene and continues to carry a feared & revered presence in the game! 

The Album ‘Return to the Underground comes out everywhere 10th May ‘24 with 5 massive singles dropping on the lead up to the release. We poked the snake to get his take on the songs that shaped his sound!

Rage Against the Machine – Wake up

The first-time I heard Zack de la Rocha’s powerful delivery; I must have jumped out of my seat. His style, flow and content had me practicing his lyrics from the cassette sleeve for hours on end. This was the start of my interest in rapping with such ferociousness I could see that the fire in the belly could let out such a sharp and venomous sound... but this would take years of manifest.

Arrested Development -  Everyday People

Hearing this album made me realise that rapping could also be melodic and tuneful. With their effortless style I could see it wasn’t always about the power in the voice but also being able to hold a tune a deliver it differently to carry the song. 

Silver bullet – 20 second to comply

I am massive fan of Robocop, so when I heard this bullet of tune reference the films iconic quotes It had me in ore of the energy and hype that it came with. This is something that i like bring to bring to the table when a crowd needs hyping or if I need to set a quicker pace you can hear clearly on my tune Pre-social. 

Highjack – The badman is Robin

When I first heard Kamanchy Sly it was refreshing, as I couldn’t see any other British rapper with such a sharp style. His flow really stood out to me, and it was so ahead of its time, whereas other MC’s more established were sticking to a more simple flow & style that unfortunately would always be more accessible to the commercial scene.

Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder

I was shown the Blackout album in the late 90’s and could not stop listening to it. Method man’s style taught me that you can still deliver a sharp voice effortlessly without being to hype. This works perfectly for me when I’m recording a track with deeper content, this sound helped me develop my own signature style & flow.


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