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Los Angeles Sensation Coco Quinn Unleashes Chart-Topping Single "Better Type"

In a dazzling display of her multi-talented prowess, Coco Quinn, the dynamic artist, dancer, actress, and model, has just unleashed her highly awaited single, "Better Type." The pre-release teaser took TikTok by storm, amassing a staggering 5 million views, setting the stage for what is anticipated to be another triumph for this rising Gen Z star. Co-written by Coco herself alongside Zach Sorgen (known for collaborations with Charlie Puth, Ryan Tedder, Ava Max), "Better Type" resonates as a relatable anthem, delving into the complexities of long-distance relationships and the excuses that often accompany their demise. Coco shares, "This is a song about a girl who loved a boy, and he made the easy excuse out that long distance would not work, only for her to see him making it work with someone just like her."

Coco Quinn's meteoric rise has positioned her as one of the most influential and versatile young talents in the entertainment sphere. With a substantial social media presence and over 150 million views on her music videos, Coco's journey from Dance Moms in 2016 to her recent ventures in mainstream media showcases her ever-expanding repertoire. Having graced ABC, Family, and Brat's "Mani" and "Chicken Girls" web series, Coco's global fanbase eagerly awaits her upcoming music releases and the prospect of a world tour to connect with admirers around the globe.


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