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Leeds Punk Venue Boom Still Need Your Help

Hundreds of music venues, festivals, arts spaces and culture organisations in England are celebrating after being awarded part of a £257million grant in the first wave of funding from the government’s Cultural Recovery Fund. Not all venues however have been fortunate enough to receive the funding. Despite having their bid backed by The Music Venue Trust, Leeds venue Doom dedicated to punk, hardcore and metal have not received funding.

They posted yesterday on Instagram "We've receiving a lot of messages asking if we received money from The Cultural Recovery fund today as you will see other venues and the media reporting on successful funding applications. Unfortunately nothing has changed; we did not receive any grants from the Arts Council as we were deemed ineligible for the funding in the first place. Boom currently owes thousands of pounds for rent and bills.

We have some great enterprising initiatives in the works which you will hear about soon but in the interim we have some huge bills that need paying. As individuals we have families and children that have not had the financial support this business would normally provide. With the lack of Government support there is a point soon where the team here will need to walk away, resulting in the permanent closure of Boom.

We hate asking for help, we want to be self sufficient but without being allowed to fill gigs full of punks and metal heads - we really need it. Going forward we have own recovery plan that will protect our venue but whilst undergoing some significant changes to move forward we have accrued substantial debt to our landlord."

If you would like to help save our venue and you are in a position to do so; please donate to our Crowdfunder. We have only managed to get to this stage from your help so far. It really does make a difference. Be sure when this is all over - we will do something special for you.


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