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Ida Mae Unveils Emotive New Single "Lost On Your Time"

British duo Ida Mae is back in the spotlight, following their captivating return in June with the release of "My Whispers Are Wildfire." Now, they continue to build anticipation for their highly awaited third studio album, 'Thunder Above You,' with their latest emotional offering, "Lost On Your Time."

Known for their beautifully warm and effervescent approach to indie rock, Ida Mae once again delivers their signature sound in "Lost On Your Time." The track stands out as one of the more heartrending songs on their upcoming album, showcased by its sweet and airy piano-led production. This release solidifies its place as one of Ida Mae's most tender and poignant releases to date.

Reflecting on the new track, Chris Turpin shares, "When I wrote 'Lost On Your Time,' I was delving deeper into the folk roots of my childhood. I was rediscovering guitar tunings used by legends like Nick Drake, Richard Thompson, and Martin Simpson. I had ordered a guitar from Roger Fylde, made partly from a piece of Sinker Redwood, cut from a 200-year-old tree pulled from a riverbed in Northern California."

He continues, "'Lost On Your Time' was the first song I wrote on that guitar. The combination of the century-old American wood and the ancient British ballad melodies I was learning seemed to blend harmoniously. The symbolism and imagery from those old songs seeped into the lyrics. The song echoes the night drives we took through the mountains in the USA, moving from show to show. Those quiet moments when it was just me, Stephanie, and the road."

He adds, "It was the first song we recorded for the album. The whole band lives in close proximity. You can hear the nervous tension and excitement between the players, creating a palpable static energy in the recording."

Join Ida Mae as they take listeners on a captivating journey across the vast American expanse, introducing an array of eccentric characters along the way – from drunken poets to fallen oligarchs and heartbroken country music stars. Experience the chaos and carnage of a world on the edge in their spectacular third album, 'Thunder Above You.'

Recorded in a mere seven days, 'Thunder Above You' represents the most significant creative period in Ida Mae's remarkable career thus far. After months of touring with legendary artists like Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams, the duo found inspiration in the dramatic landscapes that surrounded them.

Ida Mae, composed of husband and wife duo Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean Ward, met while studying at university, bonding instantly over their shared love for music. They later formed their first band, Kill It Kid, and released three critically acclaimed records, spending their early twenties touring extensively across Europe.

Under the name Ida Mae, Turpin and Ward have continued to garner acclaim with their unique blend of classic English folk, sprawling Americana, and scuzzy, frenetic rock. Their move to Nashville in 2019 led to the release of their debut album, 'Chasing Lights,' produced by Ethan Johns, known for his work with Laura Marling, Kings of Leon, and Ray Lamontagne. Praised by notable publications like The Independent and Rolling Stone, Ida Mae embarked on a tour that set the stage for their self-produced second album, 'Click Click Domino.' The record, recorded during the strange isolation of lockdown, combined familiar country blues and folk tones with more synthetic sounds, highlighted by the foot-stomping title track featuring guitar hero Marcus King.

Prepare to immerse yourself in Ida Mae's compelling musical journey as they gear up to release 'Thunder Above You,' an album that promises

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