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HAAi Unveils New Single "Always Ascending" in Upcoming DJ-Kicks Compilation

*London, November 8, 2023* - Electronic music luminary and visionary artist HAAi is set to drop her brand-new single, "Always Ascending," a captivating collaboration with Jon Hopkins and South London-based artist Kam-Bu. Fresh from her successful curation of this year's Nuits Sonores and a spectacular London party, HAAi continues to push boundaries in the music industry. This latest track serves as a precursor to her highly anticipated DJ-Kicks mix, set to release this Friday, November 10th.

"Always Ascending" represents a marked tempo change, fusing emotive instrumentals with Kam-Bu's evocative spoken word, creating a transcendent dancefloor anthem. The track is the result of a creative synergy between friends and collaborators. Teneil and Jon Hopkins previously worked together on HAAi's debut LP, "Baby, We're Ascending," while HAAi herself remixed Kam-Bu's recent single, "LIVE-O."

Kam-Bu, speaking about the track, shares, "the song's lyrics revolve around themes of love, trust, and surrender. It encourages embracing imperfections and speaking kindly to yourself. My aim was to explore the importance of knowing yourself and not conforming to the expectations of society. To 'always ascend' felt to me like a message of resilience and the action of seeking personal growth through difficult times."

HAAi also adds, "this track is so special to me. Getting to collaborate with two people I love dearly and whose work I really admire was such a joy. It's like a MK II of 'Baby We're Ascending,' an extension of that track reimagined for now. The track is about togetherness, love, and self-belief."

HAAi has consistently been one of the most sought-after artists in electronic music, with a dynamic career that includes performing at festivals like Glastonbury, touring the US, and collaborating with an impressive roster of artists. She continues to make waves across the industry, staying true to her unique style.

The DJ-Kicks: HAAi mix is set to drop on Friday, November 10th, with various formats available, including digital, CD, and a bespoke 2LP bundle packed with exclusives. Be sure to pre-order your copy to experience the magic of HAAi's musical journey.

For more HAAi news and updates, stay tuned, and pre-order DJ-Kicks: HAAi via !K7 Records.

**Tracklist for DJ-Kicks: HAAi:**

1. HAAi – Intro

2. Lähetys/Transmission – Pan Sonic

3. HAAi – ZiGGY

4. The Blessed Madonna – Strength

5. Jaco – Show Some Love (Rhythm Invention Remix)

6. Agoria – Boomerang

7. HAAi – ShiNE

8. Manni Dee, River Moon – HOT

9. I. JORDAN – Life On The Wing

10. Perc & Fractal – Up (Perc Remix)

11. Radiotrance – Plasma

12. Tunnidge – Geddeon

13. Surusinghe – Bet

14. Cocktail Party Effect – Make It Undone

15. Koreless – Seven (Drumhell)

16. Christian Smith, John Selway – Total Departure

17. HAAi x Jon Hopkins x KAM-BU – Always Ascending

*PGZ – Quality High

*Joshua James – We Go Again

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