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Glastonbury Festival are offering Exclusive Ticket Giveaway to Aid Humanitarian Relief Efforts!

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Glastonbury Festival 2024 has launched an extraordinary initiative to support those affected by conflict. Through the generosity of the festival organizers, 20 pairs of tickets are up for grabs, with all proceeds dedicated to humanitarian aid provided by the British Red Cross, Oxfam, and War Child in conflict zones worldwide.

This unique opportunity is extended to residents of the UK, fostering a collective effort to make a meaningful impact. Entries for the prize draw will be accepted until 12 noon (GMT) on Thursday, March 28, encouraging multiple participation attempts for increased chances of winning. Each fortunate recipient will receive two tickets, granting entry to the festival for themselves and a guest. Detailed terms and conditions are readily available to ensure transparency throughout the process.

Moreover, Glastonbury Festival emphasizes that any additional contributions made during the checkout process will be directed towards the Crowdfunder platform, distinct from the charitable organizations and the festival itself.

The initiative underscores the festival's commitment to social responsibility and solidarity with global communities in need. By leveraging the platform's reach and influence, Glastonbury Festival aims to raise vital funds to alleviate the suffering caused by ongoing conflicts. It's a testament to the power of music and community to effect positive change on a global scale.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable endeavor by participating in the giveaway and contributing to humanitarian relief efforts while embracing the magic of Glastonbury Festival!

The prize draw is open until 12 noon (GMT) on Thursday, 28 March, get involved HERE


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