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From Garage Dreams to Headlining Downtown: An Interview with White Diamond

From humble beginnings in the garage of their lead singer's home in North Vancouver, White Diamond has rapidly ascended the local music scene. This eclectic group, with members juggling day jobs from sugar refinery work to tree removal, found their synergy despite varied musical backgrounds and life paths. Initially a cover band belting out 70s and 80s hits at high school and house parties, White Diamond has evolved to headlining downtown Vancouver clubs with their original music in just 13 months. Their relentless drive and resilience in the face of challenges have forged a path to success, drawing inspiration from legendary bands who started young and never gave up. With multiple shows lined up across diverse venues and big dreams of touring the USA, Asia, and Europe, White Diamond is determined to bring their unique sound, look, and experience to rock fans worldwide. Join us as we dive into the journey of this dynamic band and their unwavering commitment to authentic rock music.

1. Can you tell us more about how White Diamond formed in the lead singer's garage in North Vancouver? What was the initial spark that brought you all together despite your different backgrounds and day jobs?

The band was formed in the garage of my home because it was the only open space at the time I knew about, so reaching out to the three other bandmates at the time it showed I was willing to move aside some things in my house to host them. The initial spark was definitely our first practice together meeting for the first time when the guitarist showed his musical talent through soloing and performing some song suggestions we never thought would be possible to do. Since tour first practice together it seemed like this was the route for sure. 

2. You mentioned the amount of BS you’ve been through in the short span of 13 months. Could you share some of the major challenges you've faced as a band and how you've managed to overcome them?

Some of the challenges and setbacks we as a band had endured through the 13 months together was definitely a perfect mixture of getting dumped by girlfriends, kicked out of houses, preplanned trips affecting the schedule of practice, prioritizing partying over practice, work schedules overlapping practice time, and other distractions all coming down at the same time worst time. Since then we have grown as a band a family agreeing on almost everything and working together through communication and dedication which has helped us overcome all the previous issues. 

3. White Diamond transitioned from a cover band playing 70s and 80s hits at high school and house parties to headlining downtown Vancouver clubs with original music. What influenced this shift, and how has your music evolved since those early days?

The musical shift was definitely after the party shows of playing covers, we began to start working on original music. This is our true passion writing our own stuff not covering other bands work. Our music has definitely evolved since then in different styles such as slower songs, different tunings on guitar, and moving to different bands for inspiration not just the original ones. This shift was more of a realization of finally agreeing to put in full effort toward our collective dream of becoming a band after previous issues listed was being noticed.

Our biggest influences have definitely been The Rolling Stones, through their different styles and wide variety of music sounds, guns n roses for their attitude, look and public perception, Ratt, for their guitar riffs and overall high quality musical sound, and kiss for the drumming style of keeping a solid beat and originality.

4. Your commitment to your craft is evident, with sleepless nights practicing and creating music. Which bands or artists inspire you the most, and how do their journeys influence your own path in the music industry?

Our main goal is to always be true to ourselves and be as original as possible all the while respecting who got us to where we are today, our inspirations who have led us to make music without copying, but rather owing nod to them, and make a variety of hard rock music that touches a bit of every corner of music genre so everyone can enjoy us. Not just sticking to one eras look and sound, but a mix of them all. Making music videos, spreading our name out in public and collaborating with any other musical artist on the same path as us regardless of genre.

5. With upcoming shows in various venues and a strong desire to tour the USA, Asia, and the EU, what are your main goals for the future? How do you plan to maintain the original and authentic rock sound that sets White Diamond apart from other bands today?

I believe we stick out more than other bands Because we don’t make TikTok videos or reels on instagram comparing ourselves to other bands or being a perfect, no flaw, perfect sound lookalike band. We have an original sleazy, drunken, punk, music loving, attitude bringing showmanship to bars and clubs that hasn’t been seen in so long. We do screw up sometimes, we do miss notes, we do miss a beat, we do forget lyrics, but it’s the show and passion and originality that brings people back. 


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