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Co-Pilot Share new track 'Swim To Sweden'

Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure as Co-Pilot, the dynamic collaboration between Alan Peter Roberts (Jim Noir) and Leonore Wheatley (The Soundcarriers / International Teachers of Pop), takes flight. The duo's musical journey began when Wheatley joined Jim Noir's live band as a keyboardist and vocalist after leaving her hometown of Nottingham for Manchester.

Their latest Co-Pilot single, "Swim to Sweden," effortlessly transcends space and time, weaving together influences as diverse as the Golden Dawn's "Evolution," nautical accordion breaks, and J Dilla's signature woozy quantization. All of this is delivered at breakneck speed, while Wheatley's vocals glide over the track with the calm assurance of a flight attendant preparing passengers for impact.

Fueled by an adventurous and open-minded approach, Co-Pilot blends the musical DNA of their respective backgrounds, creating a sound that defies categorization. "Whatever is switched on or nearby gets used. There's no 'correct' for us. If it sounds good, record it," says Al. Their process involves a fusion of wonky pop, obscure samples from 70s TV themes, and recreations of past sounds, including an innocent ice cream van jingle that Al recorded from his bedroom window, setting the stage for the whimsical "Swim to Sweden." The track is filled with synth squelches and Tom Tom Club funk, and even features a sample from Haruomi Hosono, the Godfather of Japanese Electronica, who graciously allowed his music to be included in an original version of the song. "We just kept listening back and hitting gold," Al recalls. "I was thinking, 'Yeah, not sure what this is, but I like it!' We were buzzing with what we had made."

The Co-Pilot experience expands further with their upcoming album, featuring a tracklist that promises an immersive musical journey. From the infectious energy of "Move To It" to the enchanting soundscape of "She Walks In Beauty" and the pulsating rhythms of "Spring Beach," the album presents a rich tapestry of sonic delights.

Prepare to fasten your seatbelts and let Co-Pilot take you on a ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. Their unique blend of sounds and influences will keep you engaged from takeoff to landing.


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