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London's rising teenage pop sensation, carina, is making waves with her latest single, 'pretty lil mystery,' hot on the heels of announcing her highly anticipated sophomore EP, 'after the stars,' through the independent label Don't Sleep.

Hailing from Oxford but now based in the vibrant city of London, carina has been steadily building her musical career and captivating audiences with each release. The young singer-songwriter fearlessly explores various themes in her music, often drawing inspiration from her personal experiences with past relationships. 'pretty lil mystery' is no exception, delving into the complexities of feeling used by those she once loved.

carina's journey as an artist has been closely intertwined with her battle with mental health and dissociation. Through her music, she found solace and a means to express her emotions while staying grounded. Her music has evolved into an extension of herself, effectively narrating her life's ups and downs. It all began with the tragic loss of her best friend, and as a prolific songwriter, writing songs has become second nature to her. Reflecting on her latest release, carina shares, "It's about feeling emotionally unavailable and not being open to trusting other people. I suggest you listen to it on your way home from a night out. Atmospheric, electronic mood. 'Effy Stonem' from 'Skins' was my inspiration. If she had a song, it would be this."

With the recent announcement of her upcoming 8-track EP, 'after the stars,' carina invites listeners on another introspective journey into her mind. This young artist continues to deliver work that goes beyond her years, pouring her soul into every creation. Her EP is a storybook, leaving no emotions unexpressed—a true coming-of-age piece. "It's definitely an acknowledgment of uncomfortable feelings, emotions that everyone feels but nobody talks about," she declares. "'after the stars' is when everyone has gone home from the house party, and you're feeling down. To move forward from difficult situations, you must first acknowledge the pain, and that's what the project did for me."

As carina gears up for the release of her highly anticipated EP, her undeniable talent has already garnered support from esteemed publications such as Wonderland, Notion, and Clash, among others. With 2023 poised to be carina's breakout year, the world can expect to witness the meteoric rise of this extraordinary young artist.


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