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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: Fiesta Soundsystem

It's the first Friday of the month, which means that, once again, Bandcamp are waiving their fees for the day. This week to provide you with a sizzling selection of hand-picked releases is 24 year old London-based producer Fiesta Soundsystem. With atmospheric soundscapes and gritty, gut-wrenching basslines, Fiesta Soundsystem's intricate approach to jungle and breakbeat techno craft a sound that we have thoroughly enjoyed watching unfold over the last year.

Kicking off 2020 with 2 EPs on Warehouse Rave, Fiesta Soundsystem has gone on to release his debut album on Shall Not Fade, a 2 track dubplate with ec2a last month, and, most recently, a jungle remix of THUGWIDOW's 'Weightless' which is out today on Sub Merchants' Surrey Street VA.

With 2 more EPs in the pipeline for 2021, Fiesta Soundsystem is sure to make quite a stir in the coming months. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in this great selection of what he describes as 'some less known/underrated releases that really spoke to me in the last month.' Don't forget to support artists today during Bandcamp Friday!

APPX:01 Distributed Systems - Uasmi Nasser

Murky yet tender digital detritus recovered from the depths of a long since abandoned data centre, unique and distinctive production & vision, very inspiring, all profits donated to

Listen HERE.

REMINISCENCE EP- Heritage (Movement & Tribalist)

Really fresh, rolling, hybrid UK rhythms, crisp production as always from heritage.

Listen HERE.

Docile Outros Vol.1- UNPOSED

Fluffy, dreamlike VA featuring tracks across the club/bpm spectrum, Vol 2 is also out now and all profits go to the World food program to Yemen's Humanitarian crisis.

Listen HERE.

Grial - Verraco

Fierce, futuristic braindance, with a powerful, rebellious identity from one of my favourite labels.

Listen HERE.

Kanyon - Kanyon

Myriad intricate rhythms and cascading melodies colliding across tempos and styles, rugged, driving and sure to prang you out if they come on shuffle at the wrong time, what more could you ask for.

Listen HERE.

Strange Days - ETCH

The ninth(!) release on Seagrave this year, all of which have been fantastic, Etch has been on a hot streak of his own too, so no surprise this is great. Dystopian, paranoid atmospheres, mangled breaks and huge dub bass.

Listen HERE.

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