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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: Adam Pits

Having begun his musical career as a cellist at a young age, Adam Pits' musical career has since led him on to become something of a Leeds staple. His distinct sound and impressive production rate have created quite the buzz in the last year, both within the Leeds scene and across the UK. We first spoke to Adam in September last year at Leeds' day festival Weekend respite. Having just released his debut EP with Holding Hands Records, he discussed how he hoped his next releases would allow him to pursue a more trance-y, melodic avenue of style. Since this encounter, Adam has accelerated his rate of production for a series of incredible releases across a wide array of labels, including Coastal Haze, One Records, and Dansu Discs. With the release of 'Piston Pump' on X-Kalay approaching, we wanted see what Adam recommends that you get your hands on during today's Bandcamp Friday.

Anther - OK EG

This EP is an amalgamation of all my favourite sounds in dance music, drawing musical Ideas from Psytrance, trance, techno and tech house. Listen HERE.

Scuffed Sampler 002 - Scuffed Recordings

The new Scuffed VA features some hard hitting dance floor bangers, Including a really great track by, Dubrunner 'Zoya's Trip' which just makes you want to dance! Listen HERE.

Ball Is Life EP - Telomere 009

Although we've never met in person, Anderson has been a music/internet pal for a few years now and is the fastest improving producer in this current moment, IMO. Watch his space. Listen HERE.

Field of View EP - Solar Suite

Solar Suite is another name for the near future. He's hit the nail on the head with the trance/tech-house fusion that seems to be very in fashion at the moment. Listen HERE.

Hold Tight - Skins

People who know of Skin's past releases and music will think of dub techno and ethereal beats. Only a few people know of his insane ability to make priceless Jungle, and this tribute release is a great example of that. Listen HERE.

Plooi - Eversines

'Plooi' is without doubt one of my favourite tracks ever and its accompanied by a host of other amazing tracks on this release. Eversines is a top top top producer. Listen HERE.


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