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Alex Bone: The Saxophonist-Producer Bridging Jazz and Electronic Music

Growing up in the small town of Darlington, UK, Alex Bone lived two musical lives. One life revolved around instruments, with Alex mastering the piano before he could walk and soon picking up the saxophone. The other life thrived on his passion for dance music, sparked by his first Fatboy Slim album and nourished through Ministry of Sound compilations and beats produced on a Playstation game. As a teen, Alex pursued both avenues, rising to simultaneous acclaim as a saxophonist and producer, winning the BBC Young Musician Jazz Award at just 17 while remixing tracks for artists like Kylie Minogue.

His talent led to collaborations with industry icons such as Nile Rodgers, Tom Misch, and Cory Wong. Now based in Los Angeles, Alex is blending all his skills into a unique brand of feel-good electronic music. With a growing fanbase and support from tastemakers like BBC Radio 1, he's poised for an exciting year, reaching the next generation of music fans through his songs and viral social media videos.

Gap Band - Outstanding

The groove on this is so irresistible! I absolutely love funk and disco music. There’s never a time I’m not in the mood for it - first thing in the morning, during the day, while travelling, at a party…. it just works for every occasion. Also I always go for the 12” versions if there is one so you get to bathe in the song and groove for longer.

Cannonball Adderley - Autumn Leaves

My dad used to play Cannonball Adderley a lot in the car when I was growing up, so I absorbed a lot of his playing. From a technical sax standpoint, he’s unbelievable. But the thing I love most about Cannonball is how he plays so soulfully, melodically and tastefully. Autumn Leaves is a very commonly played jazz standard which puts a lot of people off it, but this version (and the album “Something Else” that it’s from) is so beautiful. I learned Cannonball’s solo on this track a few years ago and would play along and imitate him as close as I could.

Darius - Faded

France exports so many incredible electronic artists and Darius is no exception. I’ve listened to Darius for around a decade now since his first EP and his latest album OASIS is my favourite work of his. This whole album is incredible but this track is the standout for me. He creates this beautiful soundscape that mixes dreaminess, funk, and edm.

Sam Gellaitry - Serotonin 

Sam Gellaitry is one of my favourite producers and I’ve really connected with his new era of releases where he’s also singing. He writes such catchy melodies which sometimes take an angle you don’t expect, yet you find it stuck deep into your head. His production is very hip but this song showcase what I mean about his melodies. I challenge you to go the rest of the day not singing this.

Niki & The Dove - So Much It Hurts 

I was hooked to this song as soon as I heard it for the first time, and obsessively listened to it on repeat for about 3 months. I still come back to this very often. The overt 80s sound world, the Stevie Nicks influenced vocals, the dreamy chords and the funky bassline - everything just does it for me. Head bopping is absolutely compulsory.


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