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Adult Leisure Reflect on Three Years As A Band

Can you tell us about the origin story of Adult Leisure, and how the band came together during the lockdown in 2020?

We’d known each other on the Bristol circuit for years, playing solos together a hell of a lot in different bands. Those bands fizzled out and come 2020’s lockdown, I think it gave everyone a chance to reflect on what they were missing. Dave sent Neil some demos he had and the two then met up in a pub with James and decided they wanted to start something again, shooting a message to Nath on Facebook which literally read “two things, firstly, do you still have your kit and secondly, I’m out with Dave and James, might start something… dyou fancy it?” And that was it.

AL started right there!

Your debut EP 'The Weekend Ritual' received critical acclaim and led to multiple UK tours. How did the success of your first EP influence the creative process for your upcoming EP, 'Present State of Joy and Grief'?

For us it less influenced it from a writing standpoint, but instead more from an energy stand point. We knew we had something with the first EP, there were glimmers of a sound, of a feel and moreover, the EP probably brought us closer together still, so it possibly lent itself to what we were able to create with this record.

A more solid, thought out, honest body of work and something we are truly proud of.

'Present State of Joy and Grief' explores themes of unhealthy relationships, heartbreak, and self-reflection. How did these themes influence the songwriting and overall sound of the EP?

We tend to write about both what we may have lived or what we might see, Present State is no different.We delved into some stories and experiences that we wanted to cast a light on and in some aspects, lay ourselves bare and out there to the point where I guess it became somewhat cathartic.

Your single 'All For You' delves into the theme of infidelity and loss. Could you share the inspiration behind this track and the creative process that went into making it?

Love is a beautiful, yet cruel thing aye.

The EP was recorded and produced by Ollie Searle at Humm Studios. How did the collaboration with Ollie impact the sound and production of 'Present State of Joy and Grief'?

Truth be told, we wouldn’t be without him - he’s our fifth member without a shadow of a doubt. He’s vital and after the work he did on our first EP (working with us on tracks such as Control, Happiness and I Don’t Wanna Talk) it was a no brainer to work with him on this record.

The EP was recorded and produced by Ollie Searle at Humm Studios. How did the collaboration with Ollie impact the sound and production of 'Present State of Joy and Grief'?

He helped to make everything feel complete, whilst also not being afraid to wade in and make big calls when needed. Absolute hero that man. We’re blessed.

In your own words, how would you describe the evolution of Adult Leisure's music from your debut EP to 'Present State of Joy and Grief'?

It may sound cliche, but our sound has matured and we feel like we have found what sonically makes AdultLeisureAdultLeisure - it’s dressed up however that might be, but one thing that is a must is that you won’t get our tunes out of your head in a hurry.

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