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Abby Sage Unveils Enchanting New Single 'Obstruction' Ahead of Debut Album Release

Alt-pop sensation Abby Sage is set to captivate audiences once again with her latest single, 'Obstruction,' a spellbinding prelude to her eagerly awaited debut album, 'The Rot.' Produced by MyRiot, known for their work with Halsey, London Grammar, and AURORA, the vulnerable track showcases Abby's signature blend of raw power and honesty.

Scheduled for release on March 1, 2024, via Nettwerk, 'The Rot' promises to be a milestone in Abby Sage's musical journey. The Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based artist, known for her esoteric world-building, has already made waves with singles like 'Milk' and 'Hunger,' exploring themes of maternal relationships and self-discovery in a sensuous and visually captivating manner.

In 'Obstruction,' Abby personifies a persistent thought, employing poignant lyrics that convey the struggle of letting go. The accompanying music video mirrors the internal conflict, featuring a puppet representing the haunting memory engaged in a dance of push and pull, ultimately culminating in Abby's powerful act of cutting it out with a knife.

With an indie-pop feel, 'Obstruction' takes listeners on a captivating emotional journey. The song starts simply with guitar, strings, claps, and subtle percussion, gradually building intensity through Abby's gentle vocals and sweeping harmonies. The result is a mesmerizing experience that showcases Abby Sage's musical prowess.

As a self-directed artist, Abby Sage is known for her whimsical world-building and theatrical flair. Everything from her artwork to her videos features handmade, larger-than-life paper mache structures. Having supported artists like Suki Waterhouse and Gus Dapperton on tour, Abby has organically cultivated a substantial following, boasting almost 400k monthly listeners on Spotify.

As the countdown to 'The Rot' begins, fans can anticipate an immersive musical experience, with the album's tracklist promising a rich tapestry of personal reflections. From the exploration of maternal relationships in 'Milk' to the journey of self-discovery in 'Hunger,' Abby Sage's debut LP is set to transcend traditional boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on the alt-pop landscape.

Don't miss the release of 'The Rot' on March 1, 2024, as Abby Sage continues to carve her niche alongside artists like Clairo, Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski, and Nilufer Yanya. Stay tuned for an album that promises to empower and captivate audiences worldwide.


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