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  • Jess Hodgson

Ruby Joy shares soulful and distinctive debut single ‘Hooked on Your Mind’

Up and coming alt-pop singer songwriter Ruby Joy has unveiled her debut single ‘Hooked on Your Mind’, a raw and soulful ballad which addresses the inner turmoil of wanting someone you know is bad for you.

Wise beyond her years, the 19 year old tackles emotional unrest in a tender yet powerful manner, delivering sublime vocals over a unique melody which draws elements from indie, pop, and jazz influences.

‘Hooked on Your Mind’ opens with a gentle guitar riff which slowly builds as the track progresses, adding layers of sensual percussion and bluesy piano as a bed for Ruby’s heartfelt vocals. Bold in her identity, Ruby doesn’t shy away from exploring toxic relationships as an LGBT artist, which is exactly what the lyrical content of the track aims to do.

Having already imprinted on the live music scene in Manchester, Ruby is well on her way to becoming a notable local name, especially if she continues to put out music of the same calibre as her stunning debut.

Listen to ‘Hooked on Your Mind’ on Spotify.

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