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'Locked In': Leeds-based artist VPN releases debut single

This week saw the release of a debut single from Leeds- based DJ and producer VPN. New to the scene, this artist has made quite the entrance with hard hitting stomper 'Locked In'. After moving to Leeds to study Music Production at Leeds College of Music, Adam quickly grew to love the city and its thriving music scene. Currently based in Headingley, he has recently discovered a passion for mixing, and is now pursuing both avenues under his new alias. Drawing from a broad range of sounds, VPN's bold aggressive style takes influences form the likes of Mall Grab, Kettama, Jensen Interceptor, Desert Sound Colony, DJ Stingray and The Exaltics. Such sounds resonate within his mixes, but he emphasises that his pallet doesn't stop there: 'I have been enjoying mixing some harder electro recently, but I will always have that soft spot for disco house and techno.'

'Locked In' begins with an unassuming kick drum accompanied by subtle, eery atmospherics. As the snare strides into the mix, the texture and depth of the track builds until the flagship aspect of 'Locked In' makes itself apparent: the bass. This driving unapologetic bass line is what really makes this track one to remember as it ensures that it becomes an undeniable dance floor heater. At around the mid point in the tune, the vicious bass steps aside, as a wave of ethereal synths drift into the mix. The tranquility doesn't last for long, and the iconic bass riff returns, but this time with the synths giving the track a deep and expansive quality. This track is a brilliant debut, and we're really excited to see what's up next for VPN. 'Locked In' is available to listen on Spotify via the link below.

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