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Thanks For The Memories: Canal Mills Shuts its Doors After 7 Years

Many will have come to know Canal Mills as a staple ingredient in the recipe of Leeds' notorious club culture. Since 2012, the venue has hosted an impressive plethora of musical events that have supplied the student population of the city with a consistent dosage of quality nightlife. Twelve hour NYE parties. Beer festivals. Garden Party- Canal Mills has seen a vast range of artists pass through its door, with an equally vast span of musical genres- it's safe to say that the venue will be sorely missed to many.

But it's not all doom and gloom; Canal Mills have announced that, under a new club brand, there are several upcoming events to look forward to across Leeds. From Mall Grab to Skream, the party is far from over. But as for now, the 19th century textiles mill has closed its doors, with the final echoes of its bright and turbulent past few years fading into the rafters.

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