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Work Party: Bertie and Zuki Announce New Leeds Event

On February 25th this year, a new series of events is set to land in Leeds. 'Work Party', run by DJ duo Bertie and Zuki, promises to craft a unique clubbing experience - a point of connection.

Work Party's first edition will be at Assembly House Studios on the February 25th, with tickets for £10 on Resident Advisor. Amaliah is joined by Lila, Bibi and work party founders Bertie and Zuki for a night of 'great rhythms, visuals and good company.'

"We had been talking about putting something on over lockdown for a long time and finally decided to get into it after we got a better idea of the Leeds community. After returning to post-corona clubs, we gained a new perspective of the scene and how the crowd interacted with other people, the DJ’s and the music. Something that we both agreed was the focus on the event as a whole, with an emphasis on the crowd experience and creating a place that DJ’s really want to play in, and people really want to dance in. We wanted to make it a point of connection, not just bringing the same crowds but bringing different people together through the experience."

Discussing their influences and inspirations, they said that "We’ve also taken inspiration from the past, reading about Plastic People in Shoreditch. They created a unique situation where a core group of people came to the club every time, knowing the music and the company would be reliably good. There became a real community aspect to it where the scene grew upwards and outwards."

It's been great to see so many new creatives projects, events, and initiatives springing up this year, and Work Party is a welcome edition to the ever-thriving Leeds music scene that shows so signs of slowing down.

"Assembly House has an amazing space that doesn’t feature much on the circuit of club nights and it facilitates us being able to bring art and sound together, again as it gives people different perspectives of the night."

Get your tickets HERE.


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