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Dillion Squire: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Dillon Squire has quickly become a name in the BabyStep studio following the success of his debut EP, 'Yellow Car No Hitbacks', released in 2023. With a distinctive sound that blends classic electronic guitar tones and haunting verses, Squire showcases his evolution as an artist, diving deep into themes of heartbreak and introspection. His ability to articulate the emotional complexities of love and loss offers solace to those navigating similar challenges, resonating with a growing audience seeking authenticity and connection in music. We spoke to him about the tracks that shaped his sound, enjoy!

1. Macy’s Day Parade - Greenday

Mum showed me Greenday when I was a kid who didn’t have a clue about the real world, their ethos and lyricism are a huge reason why I now understand that the worlds messed. I’m so grateful to have their values of defacing society in my own ethos now. I remember feeling so many emotions when I heard this record and connecting with the meaning of the song deeply. It made me understand that society is filled with lies and distractions and if you want to escape those man-made obstacles you have to wake up and figure things out for yourself. Not only did this song present itself as a beautiful piece of music but it also provided me with an awaking for me and I think it’s a huge reason that I survive pridefully in the strange world we live in. 

2. Bob Dylan - Hurricane 

Bob Dylan is a fucking genius. Undeniable. Dad got me a book containing all of his lyrics from 1961-2012, a seriously thick book. (He’s definitely went through a fair amount of trees in his lifetime, maybe he writes on an iPhone now?). I became quite obsessed with his wizardry wordsmith skills. I felt like I could relate to his use of words, I used to feel silly when I wrote some things down but then I seen Bob’s work and realised it was actually very clever to use words in that fashion. My ambition with creating any kind of art is always to offer relief or connection to someone through the power of the art form. In this song, he is using his voice to defend the racist actions which were thrown upon the boxer ‘Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, whether or not this story is truthfully told. It made me realise the power that music and lyrics can have to raise awareness on a topic and hopefully help people. This was so inspiring for me because I always want to do this with my music and of course, it’s an absolute screamer of a song.

3. Bob Marley - Is This Love 

Confession. I used to listen to this song on the school bus in the morning before getting to the canteen where I’d see my high school crush. Somehow, it gave me the confidence to approach this girl with a loving vibe. This song also made me bold enough to start writing down how I feel romantically and to this day I thank Bob for giving me the courage to express my romantic side and be so open and honest about it. Love can be insecure and delicate, this track let me know that it’s really cool to express those feelings. You can hear it in my songwriting to date and you most likely will till I kick the bucket. 

4. St. Vincent - Cheerleader 

St. Vincent is so fucking cool. The sound, the looks and the attitude. So inspiring. Boss. I love the honesty and raw emotions displayed in the verses and then the flaming chorus that smashes through all those doubts and says ‘fuck you, I’m doing my thing’. I go back to this song when I’m feeling a bit lost or worried about what other people think. Nine times out of ten it gets me back to walking with a spring in my step and not giving a hoot about what other people think. Be yourself and let others judge you if they wan’t, you can’t control that, just tune them out. It’s so important for me write in a style that makes people feel uplifted and secure in themselves. I thank this song for giving me that energy. 

5. Beck - Gamma Ray

Much like Bob Dylan, Beck is a genius. His writing, lyrics and production styles are so influential to the way I compose. I remember when I first heard this song being obsessed with the catchy vibe and hearing the lyrics and thinking what the hell is he talking about? Then it all added up that he was addressing climate change and environmental issues. That’s so cool to me, that this effortless, blasé rockstar could write such an amazing song whilst being so tongue-in-cheek with his lyrics. He ticks so many boxes in under three minutes. I’d love a shot of that mans brain for a day. Wow.


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