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Or:la announces new EP "Moonlight Crush", out via fabric on 25 April

Irish producer and DJ Or:la is set to release her new EP, "Moonlight Crush," on April 25th via fabric’s renowned label. Today, she unveils the single "A Howl’s A Howl," drawing inspiration from the historic native wolves of the UK and Ireland, intertwined with Irish Mythology. The track's melodies evoke a primal growl, haunting listeners and fueling their movement.

Designed for the club or rave environment where Or:la thrives, the "Moonlight Crush" EP immerses listeners in heavy rhythmic synths and organs, evoking the sensation of losing oneself on the dancefloor amidst smoke machines and sweat, illuminated only by the glow of the moon.

Or:la's artistic journey has taken her from the tranquil landscapes of Inch Island in Ireland to the vibrant nightlife of iconic venues worldwide. Now based in Liverpool, she has become a key figure in the clubbing scene, both as a promoter and a builder of the queer community. Known for her diverse showcasing of genres including UK bass, tribal house, deep house, breakbeat, acid, and 90’s techno, Or:la's ability to draw connections between these subtleties sets her apart.

The EP includes tracks like "A Howl’s a Howl," "Moonlight Crush," and the "Moonlight Crush (Floating Away Dub)." Or:la will showcase her talent at headline shows in Dublin, Toronto, and NYC, promising unforgettable experiences for electronic music enthusiasts.


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