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Watch: Aluna's Collaboration with Kaytranada and Rema

Aluna Francis has unveiled the music video for her latest single The Recipe this week, collaborating with Kaytranada on production and rising-star Rema on vocals. The video for this track takes inspiration from the title of her solo album The Renaissance, exploring and celebrating different eras of history.

The singer, once half of electronic duo AlunaGeorge, revealed "I wanted to play with the way history has been dictated to us. Growing up in England you are constantly exposed to glamorous white history of period dramas without a black person in sight. I feel that since the British Empire was so heavily funded by slavery that history is ours too, we've just never been pictured in the finery...and I wanted to see what that would look like."

Directors Dirkse and Herman also added: "This video brings together a lot of elements that you wouldn't necessarily find in one place, but when combined create something magical. We drew inspiration from Aluna's album name, Renaissance, the Elizabethan era, dancehall, Midsummer Night's Dream, Busby Berkely, the Wiz and more. We were very fortunate to collaborate with an incredible cast and crew. Our choreographer Chris Emile, captured the energy of the song and the idea perfectly."

You can watch the video to The Recipe down below.


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