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"W. H. Lung Unveils Latest Track Ahead of Third Album

As anticipation builds for their inaugural headline tour in the United States, W. H. Lung is poised to make waves. The British sensation, renowned for their electrifying live performances, is set to take the American stage by storm while also gearing up for the launch of their highly anticipated third album.

Offering a tantalizing preview of their musical prowess, W. H. Lung has unleashed a sneak peek of their upcoming album through their latest track. Seasoned concert-goers might recognize the song that has stealthily crept into the band's recent sets, already solidifying its place as a crowd favorite.

Echoing the vigor of their dynamic stage presence, the track exudes W. H. Lung's signature directness. "High Pressure Days" propels listeners through the hustle and bustle of a vibrant cityscape, evoking the urgency of a train running late during rush hour. The dual vocals of Joseph Evans and Hannah Peace intertwine, navigating a labyrinth of frantic drums and evocative theremin.

Recorded at the band's state-of-the-art studio, Futuro House, in Salford, the track was born from creative collaboration with local talents The Orielles and co-producer Lewis Johnson-Kellett. The result is a sonic tapestry woven with modulor synths and rebellious guitars, mirroring the pulsating energy of a downtown city center.

The accompanying music video, shot in a single day against the backdrop of Manchester, encapsulates the grind of corporate monotony. Singer Joseph Evans becomes the embodiment of the everyday office worker trapped in a cycle of high-pressure routine. Teaming up with director Craig Mclaughlin, the concept unfolds as Evans' character finds solace in an otherworldly digital realm, offering a tantalizing glimpse of psychedelic liberation.

Bringing a classic gem into their modern realm, W. H. Lung pays homage to the 1979 synth-punk hit "High Pressure Days" originally by San Francisco's The Units. The cover seamlessly melds with the band's distinct electronic-pop style, seamlessly integrating into their evolving discography.

To kickstart their US tour preparations, W. H. Lung is slated to perform an intimate warm-up show at Partisan, Islington Mill on September 14th. Sharing the stage with Dee Rae and Adjustments, as well as special guests yet to be revealed, the event promises not only a musical extravaganza but also serves as a fundraiser for the Partisan Collective. Excitement abounds as W. H. Lung continues their meteoric rise, destined to captivate global audiences with their irresistible sound.


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